Privacy and Security


Privacy Notice

Security and Privacy Policy:

At Interamerican Bank (“The Bank”), we value and respect your right to privacy. The Bank understands that the confidentiality and security of your personal information are of the utmost importance. The Bank recognizes that your privacy is important and will therefore make every effort to ensure the accuracy and security of each customer’s financial information through compliance with the Federal Right to Financial Privacy Act and other laws directed at protecting customer information (e.g., the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act).

The Bank shall protect the customer’s financial privacy as paper-based information and information obtained and maintained through electronic means. Normally, the Bank will not release customer information to any third party, whether it be a government agency or other private party, unless it is first in receipt of a properly issued subpoena or other similar legal order, or unless the Bank has obtained the express written consent of the customer as to such a release. The Bank does not use “cookies” to collect and track information about you.

The Bank, however, reserves the right to use or release such information, at its discretion, within the confines of the legal parameters previously noted.

Use and Sharing of Customer Information:

The Bank will advise customers of the intended use of their personal information, through written notice where appropriate, and will obtain the customer’s consent to make releases of their information in the normal course of business (e.g., providing customer information to credit bureaus and to obtain customer credit reports).

In the event the Bank intends to “share” customer information with third parties, the Bank will provide a written disclosure for the customer to sign that authorizes the Bank to share customer information, or alternatively, which provides the customer with an opportunity to “opt out” of having their information shared, in accordance with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Bank uses information about you for the purpose of servicing your financial need to the extent permitted by law. We may share certain consumer information with third parties (example: mailing accounts statements, producing ATM deposit cards, check printing, etc.) to facilitate the offering, administration, collection and delivery of products and services under controlled circumstances, indicated in the Bank’s policies and procedures in order to protect your privacy.

Security of Customer Information:

Senior management oversees the maintenance of appropriate internal controls to address the security of customer information in both paper and electronic form. These procedures address access, storage and disposal of confidential customer information. The Bank will use its best efforts to ensure that third-party service providers, under outsourcing arrangements with the Bank, protect the security and accuracy of customer information. Senior management will be kept advised of any breaches of these procedures or any detected deficiencies, and changes in procedure will be made in an expeditious manner as needed to protect customer information.

It is to be noted that the bank reserves the right to change this policy at any time by posting a new privacy and security policy.